Double Your Monthly Revenue In 90 Days From Motivated Seller Appointments

We leverage automated and reliable client acquisition systems for you to see a 2x revenue growth in under 90 days & we work for free until you do.

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More Than One Ace Up Our Sleeve (Unlike The Rest)

We Cater to a Diverse Array of Local Enterprises, Such As:

  • Home Service Businesses

  • Automotive Dealerships & Brokerages

  • Beauty and Aesthetic Businesses

  • Restaurants

  • Financial Services And Tax Preparation Companies

  • Dog Training Facilities

  • Solar

  • Fitness Studios

... And the list goes on.

If you operate a local service-oriented business, we're here for you.

Embr FB/IG Ads System

(TikTok coming soon...)

Harnessing our tried-and-true advertising system, we drive high-quality customers to local businesses every single month. From tailored Special Offer Ads to Local Expertise campaigns, we ensure your brand stands out, adapting and thriving as the market evolves.

Embr Erica Software

Seamlessly initiate conversations without lifting a finger. Our platform offers enduring nurturing via email, text, and automated voicemail with the integration of AI, keeping connections strong and consistent

Embr CRM

Unlock the potential of a tailored Customer Relationship Management setup, designed to centralize customer interactions and amplify your sales strategy. For local businesses, it's the key to transforming leads into loyal customers, streamlining communication, and driving growth.


Our Clients Come First, Always.

We take pride in the moment our clients become our friends.

1067% Return on Ad Spend


"We needed the leads, we needed the sales - we put all our eggs in one basket, and it has delivered quickly & continuously"


"As a business owner, you need someone that can translate your ideas into reality and Embr has done exactly that."


"If you are lucky enough to be exposed to Embr... You just won the lottery."

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have a 10-mile or 100K population radius exclusivity policy for businesses in the same industry?

We believe in unwavering loyalty and dedication. Our founder prioritizes character and commitment over broad engagements. Instead of delivering average results to multiple competitors, we choose to align with one business per industry in each city. This approach allows us to focus entirely on that business, helping it grow to its utmost potential. If you value exclusive attention and are eager for unparalleled growth, be among the first to reach out and secure us as your dedicated growth partner

Why is it essential for businesses to have a 4-star or above Google rating to collaborate with you?

Like attracts like. We're committed to elevating excellence. Collaborating with top-tier businesses ensures that when we propel a company forward, they maintain and elevate their commitment to quality, ensuring lasting success and an enduring stream of referrals

Why do you focus solely on Facebook for advertising when there are numerous platforms available?

While multiple platforms have their merits, our experience shows that Facebook excels in detailed audience targeting, especially for local businesses. Since 2019, Facebook has consistently delivered unmatched value in terms of lead quality and cost-effectiveness. Our singular focus on Facebook, combined with our specialization in serving local businesses, has honed our lead generation skills to perfection. Until we find a platform that surpasses Facebook's capabilities, we're committed to utilizing it to its fullest potential, ensuring our clients' growth and success

What are the details of your payment plans and what exactly does your service provide?

We offer tailored payment plans for deserving partners, ensuring that finances don't hinder your growth. Our comprehensive service delivers a proven, conversion-centric website, effective advertising and SEO strategies, high-performing white label content, and CRM optimization or setup for efficient sales

We offer a 100% ROI guarantee. If we don't perform you don't pay. Simple as that.

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